Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

    This isn't my normal post on my jewelry, but I was thrilled with the results and just had to share. I made my kids costumes this year. 
    My youngest son is autistic and rarely asks me for anything.  This year he asked to be a smurf. So after looking at many costume sights, and finding it sold out, I gave up and made it. I did not even have a bought pattern. I had to make up my own out of an old Halloween costume that was two sizes too small.  The gloves and booties I bought at a dollar store. To get the blue face makeup I added blue eye shadow to white base clown makeup. I think it came out pretty good. As a matter of fact everyone thought I bought it at the store. 
    My older son wanted a homemade costume too.  I bought the shirt and the shorts that were too big, so that it would work with the cardboard head. I covered it in construction paper and he drew the face. I made the odd shape tie out of cardboard and cloth. He got an amazing amount of compliments for the costume. They both had a great time.