Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seed Bead Soup.......Ugh

I decided, that I should put aside my fear of learning to bead a cabochon.....
Simple enough, yes? So I thought until I went looking for my seed beads.
Oh what fun..........


  1. Oh that happened to me when I moved houses and had them stored that way!

  2. I have had that happen to me several times. I finaly gave up on seperating them one day. I just decided that it would be a new mix for an eyeglass chain or too.

  3. I love seed beads and intermingle them with other beads all the time. This happens to me a lot (when small dog decides he must be in my lap when I am doing some free form netting work!!) and I just keep a SOUP jar and leave it at that. When they mix they sTay mixed and sometimes I find the Mix is the perfect thing for my project!!!